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Principal Investigator: Alex Burgers

Graduate Students:

Chun-Wei Liu is a PhD student at the ECE department. Besides working on programming neutral atom machines, he enjoys hiking and traveling.
Shishir Ravipati is a Master’s student focusing on optics and photonics.
Jacob Barnhart is a PhD student in the ECE department. Outside of research, he enjoys working out, hiking, photography, and exploring new places

Undergraduate Students:

Eric Barbieri is working towards a major in computer engineering with a minor in physics and is involved in the Michigan Autonomous Robotic Vehicle team. Outside of academics, he enjoys playing soccer, scuba diving, and folding origami.
John Borin is a rising junior majoring in computer engineering focusing on computer architecture. His interests include computer building, going to the gym, and cooking.
Shengnbin Yan is a rising senior in U of M majoring in physics and computer science. He is from China and loves tennis and science fiction.